Introducing FreshWater IQ  

If you like our Freshwater Salt System, there’s one more thing to consider. It’s our all -new Freshwater IQ option.

It is a winner, and here’s why.

When it comes to helping you care for your water, it’s designed to remove the guesswork that can surround that process and replace it with true peace of mind.

it’s paired with a new testing, diagnostic, and recommendation technology that’s actually built into your hot tub. And as a result, gives you optimal water.

This new system together gives you that softer, fresher, more natural feeling water, while also providing you with simple recommendations. So you can have the easiest and most optimized soaking experience for the next 20 years.

It’s only found in a product manufactured by us, Watkins Wellness.

This patented technology, it actually tests water every hour for salt, chlorine, pH, and then if needed, tells you exactly what to add, if anything, for that clean, clear water. So incredibly, it not only tests, it also prompts you via messaging on the hot tub’s control panel.

Your hot tub will be easier to care for, it prolongs the life of your equipment, and most importantly, it encourages you to use your hot tub more. So you can gain all the health and wellness benefits we are all looking for.

So with Freshwater IQ for you, it means less testing, less guessing, and far more soaking. It’s absolutely revolutionary. And like our Freshwater Salt System, it can be yours. with any of our premium saltwater ready models.

So check it out. We think you’ll love what you see”

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