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在温泉世界,我们为您提供的热水浴缸感到自豪,不仅仅是享受, but also provide a range of health benefits.

As well as being great for family or social time, our 热水浴缸 also provide a range of health benefits including stress release, 肌肉恢复, pain relief and more.

Buying a 热水浴缸 is not just great for the family, but also for the impact on your short and long term health.

适用于所有人  爵士舞曲® 收集和 聚光灯下® 集合 spas, this unique 淡水® 盐体系 takes away the worry of keeping your 热水浴缸 water sparkling clean.  

Enjoy more natural feeling water and use fewer chemicals.  这种简单的水护理意味着你有更多的时间享受你的水疗,没有刺鼻的气味.  Not only that, you conserve water by reducing spa drain and refils.  如果维护得当,可以一年一次(取决于浴池负荷和水的化学成分)。.

Hydrotherapy is an important feature of 热水浴缸 and at 温泉 world, 我们出售的热水浴缸有革命性的喷气机,提供最好的按摩体验.  

We design the jets for our 热水浴缸 to target specific muscle groups, not only to provide a great massage experience in the comfort of your own home, but to also aid in sport and exercise recovery.

所有无尽泳池健身系统都建立在一个非常耐用的镀锌钢框架上 & ABS的基础.

While other manufacturers can see this as an area to save costs, 无尽的池通过将此作为所有产品的标准功能而走得更高. 钢框架和ABS底盘的结构元素提供了最终的强度,为未来几年的所有权提供信心.

大量的绝缘材料被添加到您的游泳水疗中心的墙壁上,以节省能源并降低您的供暖成本. 这意味着当你设定你想要的温度时,你可以确信你的无尽泳池会保持它.

根据你的预算,我们出售的任何一个热水浴缸都可能是一项昂贵的投资, which is why we aim to make them as energy efficient as possible.

完整的能源智能系统减少了您的热水浴缸的能源消耗,为您节省金钱, 这样你就可以放心,你的温泉水疗不会有昂贵的能源账单.


我们的正规彩票十大网站排名和水景选择齐头并进,LED灯使贝拉丰塔系统的水拱看起来令人着迷, creating an extra layer to your 热水浴缸 experience.

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The Virtual View™ AR from 温泉

创建终极花园绿洲是简单,有趣,方便与虚拟视图AR. 我们利用增强现实的力量来帮助您亲眼看到温泉水疗如何改变您的空间.


What our customers are saying

Maxine who always seems to be there is a joy. 没有什么是太麻烦的,她对温泉产品和热水浴缸非常了解. I’d looked around previously, but nobody else offered to let me try the 热水浴缸 in advance (I tried three!) I’m very pleased I went with a Hot Springs product; not the cheapest, but the world leader. 网上有很多关于不良产品和不存在的售后服务的恐怖故事. Everyone I’ve met from Hot Springs (not least Maxine) instils confidence and, 这些天, it’s nice to find a company that does what it says it will, when it says it will and for the price it said it would. 我将毫无保留地推荐参观他们在诺维奇的诺卡特花园中心的经营场所. 即使你不从他们那里买东西,你也会得到一个教育和一个衡量竞争对手的基准. Nice people, great product.


Fantastic customer service every single time from Sarah and Ken, always a lovely shopping experience, they are so friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Nothing is too much trouble. Highly recommend, whatever you need big or small !!


Hotsprings World Cobham, we’re absolutely brilliant. 莎拉和肯回答了我们所有的问题,让我们的决策过程变得容易多了. The kids had a try in the pool prior to purchase. The install team were very professional, very careful. 我们对萨里温泉世界的温泉池非常满意,强烈推荐.


Friendly service from initial 购买 advice, to purchase and every visit to the store to stock up on water care products. 非常感谢莎拉!


我从Sevenoaks的Mark那里买了一个温泉Flair,他在帮助我购买时非常出色和非常专业, setup and continued maintenance of my tub.


We would highly recommend Hotsprings in Cobham. 我们从温泉店的Sarah那里买了这个无边泳池,她的知识很丰富,很专业 在我们的游泳池交付之前和之后保持我们的循环,并一直在那里从我的许多电话关于维护问题. 由于莎拉.


我们在一年前购买了一个Vanguard热水浴缸,并且强烈推荐温泉世界,因为他们真诚友好的专业定制服务. 我们又回来补充一些化学物质,受到了同样友好和乐于助人的欢迎😊他们的在线化学平衡视频也非常有帮助👍🏼


从我们第一次“随便看一眼”开始,莎拉和肯就表现得很好. 作为第一次拥有热水浴缸的人,我们不知道从哪里开始,他们做出了选择, purchasing and maintaining our spa so easy. We LOVE our jetsetter 热水浴缸 it has been the best purchase. 即使我们有保养方面的问题,Sarah也非常乐于助人,甚至把我们自己的指导方针打印出来! 我总是觉得我可以寻求帮助或建议后购买,后护理是伟大的. 单就客户服务而言,我推荐温泉,但热水浴缸也相当不错!


这是我第二次从温泉世界的肯和莎拉那里买热水浴缸. 整个温泉世界的热水浴缸体验-从研究, 选择, 购买, 在交付, and set in operation - was outstanding. The price of the 热水浴缸 was competitive, 并结合了著名的高品质的产品,使这款热水浴缸“必须有”,除了每个花园. Ken and Sarah made every effort to ensure I had made the right choice. The 交付 time was on the dot with enough people and equipment, including lifting devices to make 交付 and instalation safe and fast.


马克提供了一流的客户服务,对产品非常了解,一点也不咄咄逼人. From advice on the benefits of each model, 湿法试验, 交付, 安装 and follow up a couple of weeks later, Mark was there for every stage of the process. 期待多年的放松和快乐,知道我有专家备份一个电话. 谢谢.



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